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The 360-degree circle is 4400 years old
Q: Why does a circle have 360 degrees; why not 100 degrees? Also why is a degree 60 minutes and a minute 60 seconds?

360 degrees in a circle and origin of pis
360 degrees in a circle and origin of pis ... Author: gordon t davis joseph f and strountree Why is a circle divided into 360 degrees?

Degrees in a Circle, 360
... divide the circle into 360 degrees (6 x 60) and who also gave us the symbol for degrees. The Egyptians divided spheres into 360 degrees ...

Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math Archives: Why is a Circle 360 Degrees?
Why is a Circle 360 Degrees? - a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives. ... Why is a circle divided into 360 degrees rather ...

Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math
Why is a circle defined as 360 degrees?

The Straight Dope: Why are there 360 degrees in a circle?
The Straight Dope: Why are there 360 degrees in a circle? ... ... read, "this division of the circle is very ancient, and appears to have ...

What is the origin of the fact that a circle has 360 degrees? Why ...
... the circle was divided into 360 degrees. This was because the Chaldeans had calculated by observation and inference that a complete year ...

Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math
Why is a complete rotation around a circle equivalent to 360 degrees? ... ... complete rotation is 360 degrees. (90 degrees and you've ...

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Why There Are 360 Degrees In A Circle
Why There Are 360 Degrees In A Circle - Online Mba Degree Programs - Mba Degrees + Online, Master Degree Forensic Science Online, College ...


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