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United States Distance Learning Association
A non-profit association formed to promote the development and application of distance learning for education and training.

Distance Learning Courses and Adult Education - The Open University
The UK's largest university for part-time higher education, offering supported distance and open learning materials for undergraduate and ...

Distance education degree programs - Engineering Outreach
Engineering Outreach offers accredited graduate degree programs at a distance via DVD with Web support. We deliver over 80 University of Idaho ...

GNA Distance education directory - Distance learning open source ...
Free distance learning course and resource database with 30,000+ courses and programs.

learndirect - Distance Learning, Online Courses, Computer Courses ...
Distance learning and online courses as well as part and full time classroom courses throughout the UK.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning
... presentation medium they find most effective) thus improving the learning process.

What is Distance Learning?
Is Distance Learning for Me? (a self test) ... indicated, 2 for each "b", and 1 for each "c". If you scored 20 or over, a distance learning ...

What is Distance Learning?
What is Distance Learning? ... Distance Learning in Higher Education - Summaries of and links to reports covering topics related to distance ...

Distance Learning at GrayHarriman.com
Distance Learning answers for educators and learners. Essential knowledge for those considering learning or teaching at a distance.

Issues in Distance Learning
Full Citation: Sherry, L. (1996). Issues in Distance Learning. International Journal of Educational Telecommunications, 1 (4), 337-365.


E-learning: the answer is blended learning, now what was the question again?
The term blended learning has been the most overused buzzword in the learning industry over the past couple of years, but it has, in fact, always been ......(Continue Reading)

Distance learning and perioperative nursing
DISTANCE LEARNING in nursing education is arriving with unprecedented speed, which has led to much uncertainty among educators. This article provides ......(Continue Reading)

The nontraditional undergraduate and distance learning: is higher education providing a portal or just a keyhole to social and economic mobility?
Administrators of state higher education systems gathered at a conference sponsored by the State Higher Education Executive Officers association last ......(Continue Reading)

A distance learning model for teaching higher order thinking
A teaching model for distance learning (DL) requires a system (a technology) and process (a way of linking resources) that makes distance learning no ......(Continue Reading)

Wireless instruction: a new dimension in course delivery: when distance learning classes go wireless, the students, faculty, and educational institution
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Wireless technology can deliver Internet classes on an anytime, anywhere basis. It has the potential to vastly increase course accessibility, ......(Continue Reading)

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