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360-Degree Feedback
Providing you with information and tools to enhance your understanding of 360-degree feedback and enable you to implement this powerful ...

360 Degree Feedback by Panoramic Feedback
An Internet-based 360-degree feedback and organizational survey tool to assess individual and/or organizational performance.

Full Circle Feedback - 360 Degree Feedback & Staff Survey Experts
360 degree feedback and staff surveys are powerful ways to ensure people are performing and developing to their potential.

360 Degree Feedback: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
360 degree feedback is a method and a tool that provides each employee the opportunity to receive performance feedback from his or her ...

MindSolve Technologies
Talent Management Software Solutions, Talent Management Software, Employee Performance Management Solutions, Learning Management System LMS...

360 degree feedback- advantages of employee performance appraisals
360 degree feedback: unlock the advantages of 360 feedback & employee performance appraisals. Professionally delivered results yield benefits & ...

360-degree feedback - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"360 Degree Feedback to Leaders." Group and Organization Management 31(2006): 578-600.

Welcome to 360-Degree-Surveys.com—FAQs
... get feedback? 5. What is 360-degree feedback? 6. Where did the idea of 360-degree feedback come from? 7. In what formats is 360-degree ...

360 Degree
The purposes for using 360 degree instruments are as varied as the organizations that use them, such as for: ... The benefits of 360 degree ...

Provider of 360 Degree Feedback / 720 Degree Feedback® Surveys
The latest information about 360 degree feedback for measuring leadership, management and organization effectiveness. Secure web-based feedback ...


Training and development - What's New - employer kit on 360-degree feedback; World Wide Learn Inc. upgrades Web site
With the release of The Complete 360-Degree Resource Kit, employers now have a new tool that is designed to improve their organizations' 360-degree feedback processes and help boost morale, custome...(Continue Reading)

Does 360-degree feedback negatively affect company performance? Studies show that 360-degree feedback may do more harm than good. What's the problem? -
"If we practiced medicine like we practice management--based on hunch, intuition and ideology--we would have much more malpractice and a lot of mortality ......(Continue Reading)

A new road: traveling beyond 360-degree evaluation - includes related article on United Parcel Service's automated 360-degree feedback process - multirater
The 360-degree evaluation refers to the anonymous collection of reviews about employees gathered from colleagues, subordinates and supervisors which are ......(Continue Reading)

Get the most from 360-degree feedback: put it on the Internet - Otis Elevator Co.'s Internet-based 360-degree feedback system
International management consulting firm E-group was commissioned by Otis Elevator Co to develop a performance appraisal system that is capable of evaluating ......(Continue Reading)

Ten reasons you should be using 360-degree feedback
The 360-degree feedback, also known as full-circle appraisal, multi-rater assessment or group performnace appraisal, is aimed at determining areas for both orgaanizational and individual improvement....(Continue Reading)

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