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gladwell dot com - six degrees of lois weisberg
... who knows Lois Weisberg has a story about meeting Lois Weisberg, and although she has ...

the ryan king » gladwell dot com / Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg
... gladwell dot com / Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg ... I just read an article from an old issue of the New Yorker titled Six Degrees of Lois ...

Network-Centric Advocacy: 1999 Malcolm Gladwell Article on Six ...
Network-Centric Advocacy ... 1999 Malcolm Gladwell Article on Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg ...

storytelling: Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg
Top on that list is Malcolm Gladwell's Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg which you, too, can read, right: here. The tag line for this article ...

Michael Jamison's Radio Weblog
... small-world problem, though it could also be called the Lois Weisberg problem. ... "When we say, then, that Lois Weisberg is the kind of ...

Small world phenomenon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
... expression "six degrees of separation" (perhaps by analogy to "six degrees of freedom ...

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg - Suggests that Bacon connects to many actors because he acts in many different kinds of roles and films.

Degrees of Separation no pics.doc
... famous article by Malcolm Gladwell entitled “Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg”. ... The six degrees of separation myth.

Could It Be A Big World After All?
"Six Degrees of Separation" is the name of an acclaimed play by John Guare. "Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg" is the title of a famous article by ...

Ned Batchelder: January 2004
BTW: Malcolm Gladwell wrote a great article about connections among people for the New Yorker a few years back: Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg.


Weisberg gains living landmark status in Chicago
The Landscape Preservation Council of Illinois honored city Cultural Commissioner Lois Weisberg by naming her its first Legendary Landmark at a dinner ......(Continue Reading)

Taking the Measure of the Creative Campus
Four years ago, while still at Princeton University, I started teaching a course on the social conditions of creativity in art, science, and business....(Continue Reading)

Net gain
ALBERT-LASZLO BARABASI HAS A theory that he thinks may explain the spread of cancer, the Asian economic meltdown, and the ubiquity of Washington insider ......(Continue Reading)

ABSTRACT: The interconnected world of actors and movies is a familiar, rich example for graph theory. This paper gives the history of the "Kevin Bacon ......(Continue Reading)

Bridge building: Enhancing the possibility of partnerships
Community-based work offers meaningful engagement. Learn how you can start bridge building in a community setting, which will bring you the partnerships ......(Continue Reading)

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