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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The trivia game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is based on a variation of the concept of the small world phenomenon and states that any actor can be

Dateline - Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon Filmography: Internet Movie Database ... game and a book called “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” The idea is to connect Bacon ...

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
What the hell is Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? ... Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a game. You take any actor and hook him up with Kevin Bacon ...

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
... that Kevin Bacon is the center of the entertainment universe, and that any actor or actress can be linked back to him, typically within six ...

BBC - h2g2 - Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon - A623431
Speaking of games, 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' has been turned into a board game. ... prefer to purchase Fass, Turtle & Ginelli's book Six ...

Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon , Actor Famous For His Movie And Game ...
Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon Is the prolific actor really the center of the movie universe? Play along and see for yourself. -- Space, Society, and Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
Space, Society, and Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon By Douglas Vakoch Special to posted: 06:36 am ET 09 October 2003 ...

The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia
Home of the popular Kevin Bacon game as well as a similar game that links any actor/actress to any other.

Micro Persuasion: Six Degrees of Kevin O'Keefe
Kevin O'Keefe says he's not worthy of sharing a podium with me (we are speaking ... Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Six ...

alcridx 's Home Page
I signed up on 05/17/99 07:28:19, but have not moved in yet. Please come back soon and visit me.


HR and Hollywood hunks - HR & Pop Culture - six degrees of separation and Kevin Bacon - Brief Article
This issue of Workforce features a 360-degree view of HR. And that got the editors thinking about another set of degrees: What is HR's degree of separation ......(Continue Reading)

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon--Al Eskan Disease and "Dirty Dust"
To our readers: In the August 2000 issue the page number where the letters to the editor continue is wrongly stated, The correct page number is 625, not 240. The Role of the Sand in Chemical Warfar...(Continue Reading)

Six degrees brings Bacon to charities
WASHINGTON -- Kevin Bacon says he used to think the "six degrees of Kevin Bacon" game was a joke that would die out, but since it hasn't, he is using ......(Continue Reading)

A Tool concert is hardly the best place to get footloose, but you could still argue that they're the Kevin Bacon of bands. Since their early-'90s inception, ......(Continue Reading)

Six degrees of separation
They had two of the best performances of 2005 and both of these men are up for a Best Actor Oscar tonight. But they couldn't be any more different....(Continue Reading)

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