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Single Degree-of-Freedom Systems: Vibration Calculator
Calculates time solution of unforced single degree-of-freedom vibration systems given initial conditions.

Single Degree-of-Freedom Examples: Accelerometer and Seismometer
An accelerometer attached to a larger object can be modeled as a single degree-of-freedom vibration system excited by a moving base.

EMI Nonlinear Dynamic Time History Analysis
Introduction NONLIN is a Microsoft Windows based application for the dynamic analysis of single degree of freedom structural systems.

Vibrations: Nonlinear Vibration of a Single-Degree-of-Freedom System ...
Vibrations: Nonlinear Vibration of a Single-Degree-of-Freedom System ... For example consider the single-degreee-of-freedom system described ...

Introduction Consider the single degree of freedom system in Figure A Figure A where m is the mass, c is the viscous damping coefficient, k is ...

EN4: Dynamics and Vibrations
6.7 Free vibration of a damped, single degree of freedom, linear spring mass system.

function [time,x,x_dd,fInt,Yield] = inelasticSDOF(fileName,m,zeta,k,
... must be contained in single quotes, % (i.e. 'elcentro1940.txt'). The first line ...

FAQ: Single degree-of-freedom tests after ANOVA using nonresidual ...
How can you specify a term other than residual error as the denominator in a single degree-of-freedom F test after ANOVA?

Mailgate: sci.engr.analysis: Re: Damping Properties-Single Degree of ...
Mailgate.ORG Web Server: newsgroup sci.engr.analysis: Re: Damping Properties-Single Degree of Freedom System by (Tom Sanderson)

Single Degree of Freedom.html
> eq:=m*diff(x(t),t,t)+C*diff(x(t),t)+k*x ... ... Single Degree of Freedom Vibrating System ...


A Five-Degree-of-Freedom Abrasive Blasting Vehicle for Ship Bottoms
Abstract This paper presents an automatic blasting vehicle for ship bottoms. A blasting head with two degrees of freedom, including roll and pitch angles, ......(Continue Reading)

Three-degree-of-freedom parallel mechanical linkage
Motion Control Tech Briefs Applications could range from microsurgical manipulators to derricks. Ames Research, Center, Moffett Field, California Figure ......(Continue Reading)

Cry Freedom!
The modern GLOBAL SLAVE TRADE and those who fight it. Twenty-seven million slaves exist in our world today. Girls and boys, women and men of all ages ......(Continue Reading)

Crossroads of Freedom: Antietam, The Battle that Changed the Course of the Civil War - Book Review
By James M. McPherson. New York: Oxford University Press, 2002. 203 pages. $26.00. To most people the battle of Antietam is an example of the hesitancy ......(Continue Reading)

Freedom and control in the unified Germany: governmental approaches to alternative religions since 1989
This article describes German governmental reactions to anti-cult fears during the decade after the unification of the two German states in 1990. The ......(Continue Reading)

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