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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
3. Jack Nicholson was in A Few Good Men (1992) with Kevin Bacon ... 3. Barbara Barrie was in End of the Line (1987) with Kevin Bacon ...

The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia
Home of the popular Kevin Bacon game as well as a similar game that links any actor/actress to any other.

Planet Garth Forums - Not QUITE 'Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon', ...
Not QUITE 'Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon', but ... Kevin Bacon (ahhh, yes, there is a Kevin Bacon connection, as well!!!

Dateline - Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon Filmography: Internet Movie Database ... a book called “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” The idea is to connect Bacon and any ...

Re: Seven degrees of Kevin Bacon
Subject: Re: Seven degrees of Kevin Bacon ... Re: Seven degrees of Kevin Bacon, Dean H.

Seven degrees of Kevin Bacon
> So, have you heard of that game wherre you can relate anybody on earth to > Kevin Bacon with seven moves?

Not QUITE 'Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon', but... [Archive] - Planet ...
[Archive] Not QUITE 'Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon', but... Planet Garth Forum...

Crisisville: Can we still play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, or is it ...
Absurd, practical and wonky: a journey through all things related to disaster ... Can we still play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, or is it Seven now?

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Online College Degrees - Degree Courses - Army Distance Learning Program, Online Music Degrees, Accredited Online College Life Experience Degrees.

Online Masters Degree Psychology
Online Masters Degree Psychology - College Math Courses Online - Seven Degrees Of Kevin Bacon, 98 Degrees I Do, Universities Provide Distance ...


The adjective "new" is extraordinarily subjective in its usage. How often do you still hear of the United States referred to as a "new" ......(Continue Reading)

History in the Raw: Dispatches From Stars and Stripes, c. 1918 - Nation In Brief
Byline: John Elvin, INSIGHT History in the Raw: Dispatches From Stars and Stripes, c. 1918 Reading between the lines of a newspaper account from ......(Continue Reading)

The crystal fuel - crystallized gas hydrates discovered under the sea floor
Crystallized gas hydrates, potentially a tremendous energy source, were discovered during explorations under the sea floor. Hydrates may contain 10 trillion ......(Continue Reading)

'85 Bears great on paper: Book recalls Super Bowl season in Ditka's
Looking back at all these clippings from 1985, I can see that we were like a three-ring circus. There was something going on every day. I didn't read ......(Continue Reading)

Films land at Cosmosphere
Hutchinson space museum marks upgrade of its IMAX theater with giant-screen version of 'Apollo 13' MISSION VS. MOVIE - The Apollo 13 mission lasted seven days, April 11-17, 1970. Production...(Continue Reading)

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