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Careers in Math
What Do You Do With A Mathematics Degree? ... Math College graduates with a bachelor's degree in Mathematics can qualify for a broad range ...

Careers in Mathematics
Association for Women in Mathematics: gives a flavor of some of the areas of mathematics in which there are many opportunities.

**Students taking this course for the MAT in Mathematics degree will do a research project involving successful methods for teaching Mathematics.

What Can I Do With A Degree in Mathematics?
Where Can I Go With A Degree in Mathematics? ... Can I get a job in industry with a mathematics degree?

Degree (mathematics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article is about the term "degree" as used in mathematics. For alternate meanings, see degree. ... In mathematics, there are several ...

Penn State Erie-School of Science-Mathematics
As a Mathematics major at Penn State Behrend, you'll choose to study one of five options to earn a Bachelor of Science degree: ...

A Ph.D. degree in mathematics usually is the minimum educational requirement, except in the Federal Government.

Department of Mathematics - Degree Programs
Undergraduate Degree Programs in Mathematics at Millersville ... secondary school mathematics take the B.S.Ed. degree with a major in ...

Read This: Great Jobs For Math Majors
Candidates should have: a degree in mathematics, operations research, decision analysis, computer science, engineering or other technical ...

BYU Math Department
Mathematics is central to life in a technological society. ... Mathematics majors also are sought after by professional schools of law, ...


Trends in the degree of importance assigned to the NCTM's Standards by elementary preservice teachers - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics - Statistical
Introduction The Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics [NCTM], 1989) was issued to reflect what should be of value and to promote...(Continue Reading)

Effects of self-regulated learning on mathematics achievement of selected Southeast Asian Children
This research was based on the conceptual framework that students' low mathematics achievement in school is related to their poor study habits. Thus, ......(Continue Reading)

Mathematics and statistics Asian American Baccalaureate
Mathematics and Statistics ASIAN AMERICAN BACCALAUREATE Preliminary 2003 '01-'02 2002-2003 Rank Insti...(Continue Reading)

Mathematics and statistics Hispanic Baccalaureate
Mathematics and Statistics HISPANIC BACCALAUREATE Preliminary 2003 '01-'02 2002-2003 Rank Institution...(Continue Reading)

Mathematics and statistics African American Baccalaureate
Mathematics and Statistics AFRICAN AMERICAN BACCALAUREATE 2003 '01-'02 2002-2003 Rank Institution State Total Men Women Total 1...(Continue Reading)

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