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William Howard Taft University
Find out about distance learning programs leading to M.B.A., J.D., and LL.M degrees.

Northwestern California University School of Law
California University (NWCU) was established in 1982 and is the oldest continuously operating degree-granting distance learning law school in ...

Online Law School at Abraham Lincoln University
Online law school, Online law degree, Online Live Interactive Visual Law School offering Juris Doctorate (J.D.) degree for students pursuing a ...

How to Become a Lawyer
How YOU can become a lawyer through distance learning law schools and online law schools without ever setting foot in a law school ...

Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy
Offers distance education law program. Oak Brook College has adopted an approach to legal education that is different both in form and in ...

Careers: Law: Law School through Distance Learning
I am a big believer in distance learning. Kaplan is a fine legal provider. But I don t think that the time is right for distance law school.

JURIST - Distance Learning
Deconstructing the Law School Classroom: A Workshop on Distance Learning in Law (CALI; ... Strategic Planning for Distance Learning in Legal ...

Law-Lib: distance learning law schools?
... assigned to find out if any other school exist that also teach entirely, or primarily, via distance learning methods.


Web-Based Education Forum Allows For More Student Interaction - St. Thomas University School of Law
WEB-BASED EDUCATION FORUM ALLOWS FOR MORE STUDENT INTERACTION.(St. Thomas University School of Law)...(Continue Reading)

Articles J. Peter Byrne, The Threat to Constitutional Academic Freedom, 31 J.C. & U.L. 79 (2004). This article examines the effect of judicial decisions ......(Continue Reading)

Copyright: a challenge to distance learning, part 1
The 1976 Copyright Act offers protection to educational materials used in the classroom and distance learning venues. However, educators believe that the ......(Continue Reading)

Law review digests(Proquest Information and Learning: ... denotes title omitted.) primary & secondary education
Articles Martin H. Belsky, Random vs. Suspicion-Based Testing in the Public Schools-A Surprising Civil Liberties Dilemma, 27 OKLA. CITY U.L. REV. 1 (2002)....(Continue Reading)

Law review digests--Universities & other institutions of higher learning
Articles Michelle Adams, Isn't it Ironic? The Central Paradox at the Heart of "Percentage Plans," 62 OHIO ST. L.J. 1729 (2001). Some states have eliminated ......(Continue Reading)

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