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Notes On The PhD Degree
... been compelled to understand the world around you and to find out how things work? ... Something you can ``try'' to find out how smart ...

HPS: Advice for PhD students: How to get a PhD
It is a good idea to keep a dynamic outline of your PhD as you go along. ... very useful to get a third member of staff or academic to read ...

Advice for Undergraduates Considering Graduate School
Try to get to know other people with interests in that area, both because it's ... The other way to get good letters of recommendation is to ...

Networking on the Network
Section 6 explains how to get an academic job, building on the networking you've done and on the concepts that underlie ...

How to Write a PhD Thesis
... what you see is what you get' (WYSIWYG). (If anyone knows how to run Word 5.1 on OSX, please let me know!) A search ...

PhD Degree Requirements
To be considered as qualified, a PhD student must achieve a minimum of six points ... up to the committee to specify how much information it ...

news @ - How to get a PhD - Evaluating PhD progress both ...
... previous graduate students called "How to get a PhD". It can be boiled down to five steps: 1. Become a postgraduate.

HPS: Advice for PhD students: How to write a grant application
... your PhD, publishers do exist to whom you can send a slightly modified PhD. In rare cases it is possible to get a PhD thesis printed ...

How not to get a PhD .. | Books |
Discover how to avoid failure in this extract from Estelle M. Phillips' and Derek S. Pugh's How to get a Phd Friday November 8, 2002 ...

How to get a PhD - book review
Book review by Roy Johnson of Estelle M. Phillips and Derek S.Pugh, 'How to get a PhD: A handbook for students and their supervisors'.


Playing with our food: get the latest on genetically modified organisms and learn how they may harm the body, not to mention the earth
Insect-killing genes from bacteria in your mashed potatoes? Fish genes in your ketchup? It's all possible in the weird-science world of genetic engineering....(Continue Reading)

Before and after: to maximize muscle gains, the best time to take supplements is before and right after your workout. Here's how to get the biggest bang
Scientists now have the ability to clone animals, make organs from stem cells and even operate vehicles on Mars. With all these technological advancements, ......(Continue Reading)

How to get sued in five easy steps: experienced observers tell how facilities place themselves at risk
Everyone involved in long-term care faces the looming specter of lawsuits. Although some suits have merit, some unscrupulous attorneys exploit the public's ......(Continue Reading)

Get ripped: previously in our Fusion series, we showed you how to get stronger and bigger. In the third and concluding part, we show you how to lose fat
MUSCLE B.L.E.N.D. SYSTEM PHASE 3:3 GET RIPPED MUSCLE B.L.E.N.D. SYSTEM [Bodybuilding Lift-Off through Exercise, Nutrition and Dietary Supplements ......(Continue Reading)

Drop fat fast: how much cardio is enough? Do I really need crunches to get a six-pack? Help! I have two weeks to dial in for a show! What can I do?
The hundreds of questions men have about how to lose weight could fill the pages of this magazine. That's why we took some of the most common questions ......(Continue Reading)

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