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Bachelor and associate degrees in game design and game programming. Information about the degree programs, gaming careers, and admissions ...

Game Design & Game Programming Degrees - Request Game School and ...
Request information about UAT's game design, game programming and game development campus courses or through online classes. | Wake Tech starts game degree
Beginning July 10, Wake Tech will begin to enroll 40 students in its Simulation and Game Development Associates Degree.

If you want to make games, don't do a game-design degree - Joystiq
In the Technology section from today's Guardian, Aleks Krotoski discusses the current trend for British Universities to run game designing degree

A Battlefield 1942 Game Modification from UAT Game Degree Students ...
Operation Anubis is a EA Battlefield 1942 Game Modification. This pc game mod was developed by the UAT Battlefield game design team.

Video Game Design Degree
Don't just play video games - earn a video game degree and design video games. Get paid to do what you love. Learn how now!

EdTechUK: UK Computer game degree attracts zero applications from ...
« René Magritte | Main | eLearningScotland: Challenges Survey Results » ... UK Computer game degree attracts zero applications from women ...

UAT Game Degree Student Projects: Imagination at Work
The University of Advancing Technology staff and student projects show a committment to excellence. UAT offers innovative computer training, ...

Video Game Degree at National University at National University, ...
The Video Game Degree at National University teaches students the principles of design, build and simulate as it pertains to the development ...

Video Game Degree To Be Offered At Michigan State - Education
Video Game Degree To Be Offered At Michigan State...


Breaking in! Breaking into the video game industry requires a certain amount of talent. But talent alone will not earn you a position making games. Here
Determine your area of interest: There are many career options from which to choose when working in the video game industry. Jason Della Rocca, executive ......(Continue Reading)

Game on! Video games are a multibillion-dollar industry where few African Americans manage to get at the controls. Some insiders are taking aim at this
AS A BOY, MIKE CHUBB WAS INTRIGUED BY COMPUTER--generated special effects. Whether watching Star Wars, Terminator 2, or playing video games such as Virtua Fighter, Chubb marveled at how computers c...(Continue Reading)

Reclaiming the mike: tired of outcussing brothers to get a word in edgewise, rap artist YoYo put her career on hiatus in the nineties. Now, at 33, she
I've always asked God to use me. A few years ago when I decided to start rapping again, I sat down at the table to write and said, God, help me please....(Continue Reading)

Negative records: the humbling side of baseball: unflattering marks remind players about the degree of difficulty the game takes on at the major league
A NOTABLE WIT WROTE: "THERE IS only one thing in the world worse than being remembered, and that is not being remembered." It's something all ballplayers ......(Continue Reading)

Rules of the game: how Democratic senators will try to trip John Roberts up
JOHN ROBERTS's Senate confirmation hearings are set to begin on September 6. They could be a useful opportunity for exploration of the character and ......(Continue Reading)

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