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Publicación especializada en e-learning, Gestión del conocimiento, Capital Intelectual y Tecnología.

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Inventa Soluciones ofrece soluciones para e-learning y gestión del conocimiento...

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Plate-forme d'e-learning, gestion de contenus pédagogiques numériques et des parcours apprenants qui y sont associés.

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T A L E N T U S - Servicios de Innovación en aprendizaje
Servicios de innovación en aprendizajes. Iniciativa en conjunto de Intec Chile y el grupo UOC España, que ofrece servicios de e-learning, ...

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LMS : Plateforme Web de gestion de l'apprentissage en ligne et de diffusion ... plateforme Web de gestion et de diffusion.

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Epistema, e-learning software...

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Archive for the 'Gestion de projets' Category ... The CAMEL Project: Collaborative Approaches to the Management of e-Learning ...


An Analytic Hierarchy Framework for Evaluating Balanced Scorecards of Healthcare Organizations
Abstract Healthcare organizations have been operating in a turbulent environment for years. Pressures from the government and competition as well as escalating costs have driven administrators to se...(Continue Reading)

Labour flexibility and related HRM practices: A study of large Taiwanese manufacturers
Abstract This study examines the human resource management practices that may affect labour flexibility, that is, the adaptability of a firm's workforce....(Continue Reading)

Inventory and analysis of Canadian research and scholarship in exporting and international marketing
Abstract A comprehensive inventory of Canadian research on exporting and international marketing during 19801995 was developed based on a content analysis ......(Continue Reading)

Training in the 21st century: some lessons from the last one
Abstract This paper reviews the major contributions that I-O Psychology has made to the understanding of the effects of training. Moving away ......(Continue Reading)

Perceived self-efficacy, outcome-efficacy and feedback: their effects on professors' teaching development motivation
Abstract The primary purpose of this study was to examine the effects of perceived 1) self - efficacy, 2) outcome - efficacy, and 3) feedback on motivation ......(Continue Reading)

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