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... degrees symbol. I have just been typing out the word "degrees" because the symbol is not on the keyboard.

How to type the degree symbol - Motorcycle Forums
Have you noticed that there isn't any "degree" symbol on your keyboard? Doesn't it get old spelling out degree or even abbreviating ...

Motorcycle Forums - How to type the degree symbol
... noticed that there isn't any "degree" symbol on your keyboard? Doesn't it get old spelling out degree or even abbreviating it to "deg" ...

TAC: Degree symbol ?
> Hmmm. On my keyboard, I hit shift-option-8 to get the degree symbol. > > °°° > > However, I typically write it out as "degrees" when ...

TAC: Degree symbol ?
>>How do you make the degree symbol using a typical keyboard? >>I can't do it, it always falls down, _o_ , you see!

Degree symbol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
... produce the degree symbol. On Apple Computer Mac OSes, the degree sign can be typed by option-shift-8 on most keyboard layouts, including ...

UNCOVERING THE DEGREE ° SYMBOL (Published in the Michigan SAS Users Group Newsletter, October 1995 ...

TreasureNet Prospecting Forum - How to make symbols like ° that do ...
How to make symbols like ° that do not appear on your keyboard. April 03, 1999 at 10:30:38

where is the degree symbol?
On my old computer the "degree symbol" was "option" and the "letter k." How do I access it on a newer keyboard?

Temperature degree symbol
How can I get a temperature degree symbol, using the standard keyboard? (120 degrees F) Like a small o but higher up.


Piano Angels
This is an extraordinary story of the love of music and those who have given generously so many young people could experience the joy of playing a musical ......(Continue Reading)

The Lure Of Shopping - Brief Article
Byline: PAMELA N. DANZIGER What does the future hold for companies in the business of manufacturing, marketing and selling discretionary products - those things that people desire but don't need?...(Continue Reading)

Neurobehavioral performance and work experience in Florida farmworkers - Environmental Medicine
Farmworkers experience many work-related hazards, including exposure to neurotoxicants. We compared neurobehavioral performance of 288 farmworkers in ......(Continue Reading)

Key signatures: do we teach them "backside-to-the-front"? - article examines techniques in music education
When I was a teenager in the 1950s, it was the style for girls to wear cardigan sweaters buttoned in back from top to bottom--the buttons running down ......(Continue Reading)

Is there a lab coat in your future? In laboratories all over the United States, lab technicians or product safety inspectors are measuring and testing
Get out your CD player or borrow a friend's. Go ahead--right now. OK, now turn it over, and look at the bottom. Chances are (unless someone peeled it ......(Continue Reading)

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