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... e-doceo : e-learning concept Secondary Level Mathematics: Math A30 Concept E: Relations and Functions. Foundational Objecti... ::: A new concept in e-learning solutions
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Concept E-Learning of Solutions: Worse Better or
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An Alternative Approach to Teaching Database Normalization: A Simple Algorithm and an Interactive e-Learning Tool
ABSTRACT The relational data model is an important concept covered in the systems analysis and design course. It has been difficult to motivate students ......(Continue Reading)

Implementing Virtual Pair Programming in E-Learning Environment
ABSTRACT Programming subjects are one of the core and important subjects that should be taken by students majoring in information system or computing....(Continue Reading)

Using E-learning In The Call Center
Once a communications provider - wireline or wireless - wins a consumer, it must continuously deliver rich service experiences as a means to keeping that ......(Continue Reading)

Assessment of Learning in Entry-Level Geoscience Courses: Results from the Geoscience Concept Inventory
ABSTRACT Assessment of learning in entry-level college science courses is of interest to a wide variety of faculty, administrators, and policy-makers....(Continue Reading)

University e-learning: government support and demographics bode well for virtual classrooms in Japan
The university scene in Japan is encountering perhaps its greatest upheaval since the Meiji Era (1868-1912). Institutions of higher learning throughout ......(Continue Reading)

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