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McNally Smith College of Music | College of Music | Music Education ...
A Degree from a Top Music College McNally Smith College of Music (formerly Musictech) is an accredited institutional ...

Attain a Music Business Degree at our Music Business College - ...
Get a Music business degree from one of the top music schools. Learn music production, recording, manufacturing and distribution.

Recording School, ProTools, Music, Entertainment Business, Audio ...
Associate in Applied Science Degree Program Music and Entertainment Business ...

master degree business edinburgh master degree in business
... online business degree college general business degree online business can degree management business education online degree business ...

business degree music online
... business degree - business degree music online...

University of Miami - Department of Music Business and Industry
... he Master's degree in Music Business and Entertainment Industries provides advanced studies in the business side of the music world.

Music Business Major
The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree is interdisciplinary in nature, combining specialized studies in music and business with a core of general ...

College of Fine Arts - Music Business Degree Requirements
Music Business Degree Requirements ... Required Music Business / Business Courses ... Music / Music Business / Business Electives ...

Music Business Degree Checksheet
Texas A&M University Music Business Degree Checksheet 2000 - 2001 Bachelor of Music Degree BM.MUSIC.BUS (213) Department of Music and ...

Music Business Degree - Lebanon Valley College
The Music Business Degree was approved by the LVC faculty at the end of the spring semester of 2000. The fall semester of 2000 witnessed the ...


It's all your business: the value of music teacher surveys
One of the most valuable ways to increase professionalism in the independent studio is to network with other teachers about successful policies. Discussing ......(Continue Reading)

It's all of your business: do we need an attitude adjustment? - Professional Resources - an examination of income rates for the independent music teacher
Editor's note: This is the second in a two-part series on the issue of rates for the independent music teacher. This article addresses changes in attitude ......(Continue Reading)

"We are the champions": masculinities, sports and popular music
This paper explores the increasing confluence between music and sport, two previously largely distinct realms of cultural production. Focusing on the ......(Continue Reading)

Covering disclosures: practices of intimacy, hierarchy, and authenticity in a Japanese popular music genre
This paper analyzes cover songs and other forms of repetition in the Japanese popular music genre enka, a sentimental ballad form. The performance practices ......(Continue Reading)

So you want to make it in the music biz? 7 moves to get you in the groove - Work & Wealth - Brief Article
1. STUDY THE INDUSTRY. Whether you desire a career in promotions, A&R (artists and repertoire), publicity or marketing, read books and industry publications ......(Continue Reading)

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