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Climate Prediction Center - Monitoring & Data: Degree Days ...
... for Heating Degree Days back to July 2002 and for Cooling Degree Days back to January ...

Climate Prediction Center - Degree Day Assessment
7-Day Total Degree Days - The sum of each day's degree day forecast in each of 102 climate regions that cover the contiguous 48 states.

Degree-Days: About Degree-Days--UC IPM
A Celsius degree-day is not the same as a Fahrenheit degree-day because a Fahrenheit degree is smaller than a Celsius degree.

NCDC: Heating and Cooling Degree Day Data, (State, Regional, and ...
Information on Heating and Cooling Degree Day Day publications and updates from NCDC...

Explanation of heating and cooling degree days
... implied, but the end result is the important thing: your space-heating demand is proportional to the regional degree-day value for the ...

Calculating Growing Degree Days | Newsletters, Reports and Articles ...
Are you calculating degree day accumulations and finding your values don't match the values being reported by MSU or your neighbor's electronic data

A: A cooling degree day is a unit used to relate the day's temperature to the energy demands of air conditioning.

Degree day - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A degree day is a measure of heating or cooling. Totalised degree days from an appropriate starting date are used to plan the planting of ...

Heating-Degree-Days | High School Mathematics at Work: Essays and ...
... heating-degree-days = .251 therms/heating-degree-day, whereas this year she has used 1,102 therms/5,101 heating-degree-days = .216 ...

Run Models and Calculate Degree-Days--UC IPM
This degree-day calculator has two branches. Run preset models that have been recommended by UC Cooperative Extension, or specify the ...


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Spectrum has new degree-day recorders - News Briefs: Suppliers - Brief Article
Spectrum Technologies, Inc., Plainfield, Ill., has a new WeatherTracker[TM] product line designed for growers who do not have a computer and software....(Continue Reading)

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