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49 Degrees North
49° North | PO Box 166 | Chewelah, WA 99109 | Toll Free: 866-376-4949 Fax: 509-935-4218 | E-Mail: ski49n ...

49° North | Snow Report
49° North | PO Box 166 | Chewelah, WA 99109 | Toll Free: 866-376-4949 Fax: 509-935-4218 | E-Mail: ski49n ...

49 Degrees North Ski Area - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 49 Degrees North Ski Area is a ski resort located in eastern Washington, United States. The base elevation is at 3,923 feet with the peak ...

49 Degrees North Weather Report: Washington Resorts Forecast by ...
View current weather reports for mountain resorts online at OnTheSnow including 49 Degrees North in Washington. Visit us online to view other ...

DCP: 49 degrees north, 83 degrees west
It was our second take on 49 N 83 W. We did our first attempt in mid-April this ... Kapuskasing and Artem drove from Ottawa to North Bay and ...

DCP: 49 degrees north, 11 degrees east (visit #5)
1755 ft) ([?] maps: MapQuest Multimap world confnav) Antipode: 49°S 169°W ...

49 Degrees North Ski Resort: OnTheSnow Overview of 49 Degrees North ...
49 Degrees North is a favorite for locals in northeast Washington State. You will find 2,325 skiable acres on Chewelah Peak, with 54 runs ...

Worldwide skiing and snowboarding guide. Provides resort and area information by region and by type of skiing.

49° Ski Patrol - 49 Degrees North Ski Patrol
49 Degrees North Ski Patrol - the ski patrol of 49 Degrees North ... Mission: The Ski Patrol at 49° North is committed to the highest ...

49 Degrees North - Chewelah - Reviews of 49 Degrees North - ...
49 Degrees North: Visit TripAdvisor, your source for the web's best unbiased reviews and articles about 49 Degrees North in Chewelah, Washington.


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