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Welcome to 36 Degrees Design. This website is the personal portfolio and journal of Stuart Frisby, a web designer in Liverpool, England.

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The website of Stuart Frisby, a freelance web designer in Coventry and Liverpool, UK.

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For example, if you omit the leading space in "degrees," the answer will sound like: ...

Eruptive Stratigraphy of the Tatara-San Pedro Complex, 36{degrees}S, ...
Conditions of Holocene Dacite from Volcan San Pedro (36{degrees}S, Chilean Andes) and the Importance of Sulphur in Silicic Subduction-related ...

Hornblende- and Phlogopite-Bearing Gabbroic Xenoliths from Volcan ...
Conditions of Holocene Dacite from Volcan San Pedro (36{degrees}S, Chilean Andes) and the Importance of Sulphur in Silicic Subduction-related ...

PLACEBO / 36 Degrees lyrics
PLACEBO lyrics, 36 Degrees lyrics ... ... and knees, I'm 36 degrees, shoulders toes and knees,I'm 36 degrees, shoulder toes and knees, I'm ...

The Effect of Graded Hypothermia (36{degrees}C-32{degrees}C) on ...
The Effect of Graded Hypothermia (36°C–32°C) on Hemostasis in Anesthetized Patients Without ... time, and platelet count at 36°C, ...

Placebo Lyrics: 36 Degrees Lyrics - HotLyrics.net
Placebo Lyrics: 36 Degrees Lyrics We were tight, but it falls apart as silver turns to blue. Waxing with a candlelight, and burning j...

Placebo ·· 36 Degrees
Chris doesn't like his early work either, and would rather you not see it. For 36 Degrees, Chris sent Placebo into a bog.


It's who you know: if you really know how to work your connections, a successful startup is less than 6 degrees away
The saying goes that every person on earth is separated from every other person by only six degrees. That means your friend's brother's nephew's wife ......(Continue Reading)

Current Sense Amplifier resolves signals up to 36 V
Model LT6106 features maximum 250 mV input offset voltage, full-scale differential input of 500 mV, and dynamic range of 2000:1. For handling fault conditions, LT6106 can withstand common mode volt...(Continue Reading)

Marine Radar Unit offers range of 36 nautical miles
Featuring 18 in. footprint, Model GMR 18 provides 4,000 W of transmit power, 5[degrees] horizontal and 25[degrees] vertical beamwidth. All radar data ......(Continue Reading)

Adhesive Epoxy has operating range of -65 to 400[degrees]F
Designed for high performance bonding, sealing, and casting, Model EP21TDC-4HT epoxy compound resists vibration, impact, and shock, and can be room temperature or heat-cured. High physical strength...(Continue Reading)

Electrically Heated Walk-In Oven has 500[degrees]F max temperature
Featuring 36 x 60 x 60 in. workspace, No. 973 has 40 kW installed in Incoloy sheathed tubular elements and integrates 4,200 cfm recirculating blower ......(Continue Reading)

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