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180 Degree Hybrid Coupler
Branchline Coupler Directional Coupler 180 Deg.Hybrid C. Mw. Power Dividers Propagation Downloads Links Site ...

Wideband 180.degree. hybrid junctions - Patent 4288762
Coaxial, impedance-matched, four-port 180.degree. hybrid junctions for multioctave bandwidth operation include a gap in the outer shields of a ...

Broadband 180 degree hybrid - Patent 5023576
A broadband 180 degree hybrid having lumped or semi-lumped elements is comprised of a network of low and high pass filters. A 180 degree phase ...

180 degree hybrid
Hi, Is it possible to design a 180 degree hybrid just with LC elements, so without any transformer or microstrip structure?

3 dB 180 Degree Hybrid Couplers
Krytar offers 3 dB 180 Degree Hybrid Couplers with the following specifications...

Antenna & Propagation engineering - 180 degree Hybrid Coupler for ...
180 degree Hybrid Coupler for rfid application ... informed that we will need a 180 degree directional coupler between the reader and the ...

Broadband 180 degree hybrid
Broadband 180 degree hybrid...

180o RF Hybrid by Michael Ellis Copyright 2000, All Rights Reserved ... The 180o hybrid can be analyzed using the following steps.

Passive 180 degree broadband MMIC hybrid - Patent 4992761
A passive 180 degree MMIC (monolithic microwave integrated circuit) hybrid is developed which yields broad band widths, decreases the circuit ...

Krytar Technical Note: 180 Degree Hybrids -- Testing and Term
When a signal is applied to port 1 of a 180 degree hybrid, the output signal will appear on ports 2 and 3. Ports 2 and 3 are 180 degrees out ...


Biological zero point in hybrid Pacific abalone
The biologic zero point (BZP) of hybrid Pacific abalone Haliotis discus hannai (China) and Haliotis discus discus (Japan) at temperatures of 16[degrees]C, ......(Continue Reading)

Disaster relief
If your long irons have a life of their own, and 190-yard shots lead you to declare a state of emergency, the hybrid might be your salvation. A hybrid's ......(Continue Reading)

How to use these new 'Ironwoods' : Hybrid clubs offer golfers a bouquet of options - Brief Article
This category of clubs is new enough that it doesn't even have a name. You could call them "hybrids" or "replacements" or "mid-longs" or "approach ......(Continue Reading)

Inside installs: for many dealers, installed sales has evolved from a reluctantly thrown-together add-on to a full-service, profitable department. Successful
Wendy Outlaw, the installed sales coordinator for Builders Supply Co., a single-location dealer in Lancaster, S.C., recently took her 80-pound English ......(Continue Reading)

A CdTe Passivation Process for Long Wavelength Infrared HgCdTe Photo-Detectors
Passivant-Hg^sub 1-x^Cd^sub x^Te interface has been studied for the CdTe and anodic oxide (AO) passivants. The former passivation process yields five times lower surface recombination velocity than t...(Continue Reading)

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